Yapton Poet

Amongst our files I found this sonnet written by an unnamed Yaptonian (around 1959?).

Here in this place between the Downs and Sea,
We weave the changeful pattern of our lives,
And Sun and Clouds, like joys and sorrows pass
Across our wide and over-arching skies.
Above our open fields in winter storms
The sea-birds wheel, on white unfettered wing,
And in our quiet woods in summer dusk
The nightingales their ardent praises sing.
And through our lives in double harmony
The grace of stillness and of movement plays,
The strength and silence ofthe steadfast hills,
The changeless rhythm ofthe restless waves.
And ‘Living Memory’ is a passing sigh
In man’s long journey through eternity.

If anyone knows the author do please let me know.

Geoff Westcott
December 2005

(Originally published in Yapton News & Views, January 2006)

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