Church Organ

The organ in St Mary's was oroginally located at the entrance to the Chancel, but was moved in 1954 to its current location just inside the West door.

These minutes from the Parochial Church Council Meetings refer to the organ.

1933, June 28th
"A discussion took place as to the condition of the organ, the need for funds for its overhaul, and its position."

1935, May 1st
"The Vicar spoke on the bad condition (as reported by the cleaner) and inconvenient position of the organ. He stated that there had been no grant from the Kingston Trust during 1934-5, but that he had about £4 in hand as an organ fund. Mr Loveys reported that there was about £5 in hand from the Organ Building Fund. He advised that the builders be consulted as to the organ's condition and position."

1936, February 20th
"The vicar reported that the condition of the organ was worse."

1944, April 11th
"The Hon. Treasurer states that there is a balance of 1/8d in the Organ Fund after paying £42.10.0 for cleaning and overhauling the organ by Messrs Morgan & Smith of Brighton."

1953, November 4th
"The Vicar informed us that the Organ Tuner had advised him that there was a considerable attack of woodworm in the organ. It was decided that Messrs. Morgan & Smith be called upon to inspect and to report upon the condition, and estimate cost of repairs."

1954, March 9th
"Messrs Morgan & Smith estimate £140 for repairs to the Organ but it is feared that this figure may be exceeded when the work comes to be done. It is suggested that whilst this work is being done, the organ should be moved if possible out of the Chancel, perhaps to the West end of the Church. Estimate for the additional work involved in moving and setting up again the organ is only £20."

1954, April 22nd
"It had been decided that the organ should be moved to a fresh site, just inside the main door, on the South side, at the time of dismantling it for repairs."

1955, April 12th
"Report of Work of PCC for 1954/55. The Hon Sec gave a brief account of this, pointing out that most of the time was spent on the Repair Work to the Tower of the Church and to the repairs and moving of the organ."