Annual Easter Vestry Meeting : April 1916 - April 1973

Extracted snippets from the Minutes. These are transcribed verbatim from the original minute book.


Tuesday April 24th 1916
"Mr S.J.B. Fletcher presented the Statement of Accounts, audited by Mr Alfred Burt, for the past year. It was proposed by Mr Horne seconded by Dr A.B. Collins and carried that they be accepted and passed."

"It was proposed by the Vicar, seconded by Mr A. Bishop that the following be Sidesmen. Mr J Boxall, W. Baker, Dr A.B. Collins, Mr W. Collins, J. Diggance, Geo Holden, W. Harrison, John Langmead, Walter Langmead and M. Peate."

Tuesday April 16th 1918
"The Vicar nominated Mr W. Loveys as his warden. It was proposed by Dr A.B.Collins Seconded by Mr J.R. Boxall that Mr W. Langmead be re elected People's Warden."

Thursday May 1st 1919
"The Churchwardens presented the Vicar with a Cheque for £9.3.4 being the amount collected on Easter Sunday."

Thursday May 5th 1921
"A hearty vote of thanks be given to Mr T. Fisher for obtaining grant from his valuable Society for the Restoration of Churches, in aid of the restoration of the Church Tower and also to the Whist Drive and Jumble Sale committees for their valuable and successful efforts."

Monday May 1st 1922
"It was proposed by Rev C.B. Bartlett Seconded by Mr W Loveys that S.W.F. Horne be asked to prepare a plan and book of Churchyard at a fee of Six Guineas."

September 15th 1922
"The Vicar reported that the Church Council had accepted the kind offer of a War Memorial Tablet to those who had given their lives in the Service of the Country during the great War. It was proposed by Mr Churchwarden Loveys Seconded by Mr W. Langmead that the offer of the Vicar be confirmed with thanks."

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May 5th 1924
"Mr Loveys, in presenting the accounts, pointed out that the Church had borne the expense of digging a grave for the late Wm Jenner, who was until his death, the sexton. The Vicar proposed and Mr Langmead seconded that a vote of sympathy be sent to Mrs Jenner."

"The Vicar extended a hearty welcome to Mr Woolgar, the successor of Mr Horne as schoolmaster."

May 4th 1925
"Mr W Loveys, Vicar's churchwarden reported that the redecoration of the church and the repairs to the ceiling had been very satisfactorily carried out at a cost of £40.7s.2d. The Vicar endorsed Mr Loveys statement as to the way in which the work was carried out, and added that the workmen had taken great care in dealing with the remains of old wall paintings and in replacing old woodwork."

"The Churchwardens reappointed the Sidesmen with the exception of Mr W Collins and Mr W Harrison, these having left the parish, and the proposed addition of Mr M Rowe and Mr C Hotston."

April 26th 1926
"Mr W Loveys, Vicar's Warden presented the accounts for the year ending 31st March 1926, showing a balance in hand of £4.12s.9d against a deficit for the previous year of £8.3s.8d. In connection with the accounts it was pointed out that there had been no expenditure on the Sick and Poor Account, and that no account had been rendered by Miss Sparks for the supply of milk to one family."

"The Vicar remarked on the improved heating in the Church during the past month, and Mr W Loveys replied that it was probably due to an extra payment of 1/- per week made to the Sexton, on account of fires."

Friday April 5th 1929
"Mr Loveys reported the receipt of a letter of resignation from the Sexton and gravedigger, A Caiger. Several possible candidates were suggested, and the matter was left in the hands of Mr W Loveys."

Thursday April 24th 1930
"The Vicar asked the Honorary Secretary, Mr Woolgar, to write to Mr A E Coe wishing him a speedy recovery from his illness."

Monday April 13th 1931
"Mr Mason referred to the gas lamp at the Church gate, and suggested that it be moved to a better position. It was resolved that the churchwarden see to it."

Thursday April 7th 1932
"The Vicar reminded the meeting that most of the business previously transacted at the Annual Vestry Meeting was now transacted at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting."

"The meeting resolved that a letter of appreciation and good wishes for a happy retirement be sent to the Rev C B Bartlett, and that there be included an appreciation of the valuable work done by the Miss Bartletts."

"The Vicar then called attention to the table of fees which had not been revised since 1899, and stated that he was applying for revision."

Tuesday April 18th 1933
"The Vicar reported that the Ecclesiastical Commissioner had sent the table of usual fees, and had refused the alteration asked for. The table would be put before the new Parochial Council for acceptance. There being no sexton, it was suggested that these fees go towards the upkeep of the churchyard."


From here onwards the minutes of Annual Vestry Meeting relate almost exclusively to the election of Vicar's Warden, People's Warden, Sidesmen (until 1938), and the presenting of the Easter Sunday collection to the vicar. All other business was conducted at the Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting which usually followed on straight after this one.