Murder of Richard Hawkins

Extracted from The London Gazette: Tues. Dec. 27th to Sat. Dec. 31st , 1748.


Whitehall, December 24, 1748.

Whereas it has been represented to the King, That Richard Hawkins, late of Yapton in the County of Sussex, labourer, bring, some Time in the Month of January last, at Work in a Barn near the said Parish, was forcibly taken from thence by Jeremiah Curtis, alias Butler, late of Hawkhurst in the County of Kent, and John Mills, alias Smoaker, of Trotton in the County of Sussex, Labourer, and was by them carried into a Back Room in the Dog and Partridge Alehouse on Slindon Common; where Edward Savage, alias Savidge, alias Fat Jack, late of Bexhill, but now of Billingshurst, Alehouse keeper; and Thomas Winter, alias Coachman, of Posling, near Hythe, in the County of Kent, Farmer, were waiting for them: In which Room they detained the said Richard Hawkins till about Twelve o’Clock at Night; when the said Jeremiah Curtis, John Mills, Edward Savage, and Thomas Winter went away, and took with them the said Richard Hawkins; who was not afterwards seen or heard of till his Body was found in a Pond in Parham Park, in the said County of Sussex: That the Coroner’s Inquest having sat upon the said Body, found it to be the Body of the said Richard Hawkins, and brought in their Verdict, Wilful Murder by Persons unknown.

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