Yapton and the Great War 1914-1919
by Jim Payne

History and Biographies, of the men from Yapton who died in the Great War.

94 pages and includes photographs.

Price: £9.00 (plus postage)

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Ford Airfield Centenary 1918-2018
by Allen Misselbrook

To mark the occasion of this important anniversary, a book has been published by local historian, Allen Misselbrook, which briefly traces the varied history of Ford Airfield from conception in 1918 through to its closure in 1959 and beyond. The fifty-page book covers the construction in 1918 for the RFC, Americans and the fledgling RAF before its early closure in 1920.

The story starts again in 1929 when civil aviation companies made use of the facilities. These included the Ford Motor Company, Yapton Aero Club and Sir Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus but with the onset of WW2 these operators had to make way for the Navy and RAF.

The author has used many first-hand accounts from civilians and military personnel to give a human element to a series of facts and figures. It also includes many photographs, some previously unpublished, to enhance the story.

50 pages and includes photographs.

Price: £5.00 (plus postage: UK £1.50)

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