Domesday Book for Bilsham

Domesday Book entry for Bilsham.


Hugh holds BILESHAM of the earl, Godwine, a free man, held it TRE. Then as now, it was assessed at 4 hides. There is land for 3 ploughs. In demesne is 1 (plough); and 14 villans with 2 ploughs, and 8 acres of meadow. TRE it was worth £4; and afterwards 40s; now 50s.
The same Hugh holds 3 hides of the earl, and Warin (holds) of him. 3 free men held them TRE. Then, as now, they were assessed at 3 hides. There is land for 2 ploughs. In demesne is 1 plough; and 5 villans and 5 cotters with 1 plough. There are 3 acres of meadow. TRE, as now, (worth) 30s; when received, 20s.

TRE – (Tempore Regis Edward) – in the time of King Edward.

Hide – standard unit of tax assessment, amount of land to support 1 household.

Earl – nobleman, chief admin. officer of the king.

Plough – amount of land that an 8-ox plough team can work.

Demesne – owned by the Lord of the land, all produce goes to the Lord.

Villan – peasant, higher than a Boarder, living in a village.

Cottar – cottage.

Boarder – peasant of low economic status.

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