Church Minute Books

The running of a Church of England Parish is performed by a committee called the Parochial Church Council. This conists of the incumbent (i.e. the Vicar or Rector) together with the ChurchWardens and elected representatives from the congregation. Together they are responsible for the finances of the church Parish and also look after any assets of the church (the Parish Church; church hall; etc.).

The PCC usually meet once a month to consider the afairs of the Parish. Elections to the PCC happen an an Annual Meeting.

Prior to 1921 the term Vestry Committee or Vestry Council was used.

(Note: a Church Parish is not the same thing as a Local Government Parish and do not necessarily cover the same geographical area!)

Formal minutes of all the meeetings are taken and, as with most committees, these are often a very dry uninteresting read, however they can provide the local historian with an insight into the history and running of the parish, as well as being a useful source of 'names' should your ancestors have been a member of the PCC/Vestry Council.

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The following are snippets taken from the Minute Books currently held in the Parish Chest at St Mary's church. Older Minute Books are held at the West Sussex Record Office and can be viewed there on microfilm.

Annual Easter Vestry Meeting : April 1916 - April 1973

Yapton Parochial Church Council : Minutes of Meetings : 1924 - 1937

Yapton Parochial Church Council : Minutes of Meetings : July 1943 to March 1950

Yapton & Ford Parochial Church Council : Minutes of Annual Meetings : April 1950 to April 1958

Yapton Parochial Church Council : Minutes of Meetings : June 1950 to November 1956