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Index to reviews from our past meetings.

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2019 November The History of Women in Yapton (cont.) Andrew Foster Review
2019 October History of shops, trades, and pubs in Yapton & Ford David Ruffle Review
2019 September Shepherds of the South Downs - their lives and times Ian Everest Review
2019 July History of Littlehampton Museum Charlotte Burford Review
2019 June The Changing Face of Public Houses in Bognor Regis Sylvia Endacott Review
2019 May Boxgrove Priory Tim Pullman Review
2019 April The Swing Riots of Sussex Gary Purser Review
2019 March Hilaire Belloc Chris Hare Review
2019 February 100 years of Ford Airfield in Words and Pictures Kevin and Allen Misselbrook Review
2019 January Gilks Dunnickin Tony Gilkes Review
2018 December The Battle of the Atlantic John Ford Review
2018 November The Penfold Family of Barnham Sandra Lowton Review
2018 October Towards a Womens' History of Yapton Andrew Foster Review
2018 September Parish Churches Jennifer Goldsmith Review
2018 July Visit to Sidlesham Bill Martin Review
2018 July Romance, Heroism and Betrayal in Villerett Jim Payne Review
2018 June Sussex Industrial History Geoffrey Mead Review
2018 May Visit to Sidlesham Bill Martin Review
2018 April Boxgrove Priory Tim Pullan Review
2018 March The Rev. Way and Stansted House Michael Olding Review
2018 February The History of Brighton Trams Ian Gledhill Review
2018 January The SOE and its relationship with Tangmere Airfield John Gradwell Review
2017 December Winter Solstice, Yuletide and the Feast of Saturnalia
Paul Ullson Review
2017 November The History of Worthing Chris Hare Review
2017 October The Churchwardens’ Lot - not a happy one! Andrew Foster Review
2017 September The Dukes of Norfolk who lived in Sussex Brenda Thompson Review
2017 August 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Yapton and Ford, Past and Present David Ruffle Review
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2017 July Land Settlement Association Bill Martin Review
2017 June Sussex Inns and their Architecture Janet Pennington Review
2017 May 'Behind the scenes' visit to Chichester Cathdral Alan Bradford Review
2017 April The Westhampnett Workhouse (inc. Yapton Workhouse Philip Robinson Review
2017 March Stansted House Michael Olding Review
2017 February Chichester Festival Theatre Archives Katherine Slay Review
2017 January History of Local Houses and their fascinating owners Jennifer Goldsmith Review
2016 December Yapton in old Photographs David Ruffle Review
2016 November The History of Graylingwell Hospital Gillian Edom Review
2016 October What made England great in the late 16th century? A lesson for now - post Brexit! Andrew Foster Review
2016 September World War I Life Stories - The Day Sussex Died Yvonne Fenter Review
2016 August An illustrated walk round Yapton David Ruffle Review
2016 August Amberley Walk and Talk 7pm Grahame Joseph and Richard Howell Review
2016 August Battle of the Somme   Review
2016 July Highdown and the Stern Family Chris Hare Review
2016 June What's in a name? The pursuit of meaning in local placenames Tom Little Review
2016 May Shoreham Fort Gary Baines and Sharon Penfold. Review
2016 April Bognor Regis Advanced Landing Ground Sylvia Endacott Review
2016 March Hearth and Home - Aspects of Sussex Housing Geoffrey Mead Review
2016 February History of the British Legion Graham Matthews Review
2016 January West Sussex on Film Bill Gage Review
2015 December My 67 years with Mr Punch Trevor Jennings Review
2015 November The Magic of Pantomime Ian Gledhill Review
2015 October Sunk off the Falklands: One Man’s Experiences Rupert Head Review
2015 September Domestic Bliss in Tudor West Sussex Caroline Adams Review
2015 August Fishbourne Roman Palace   Review
2015 July Lords, Labourers and Limeburners Richard Howell Review
2015 June West Sussex Railways 1960-1972 Ted Cook Review
2015 April Church Exhibitions : St Mary's Click for details  
2015 April Church Exhibitions : St Andrew's & Yapton Free Church Click for details  
2015 April Bignor Roman Villa Lisa Tupper Review
2015 March Barnham - An Edwardian Snapshot Sandra Lowton Review
2015 February Sussex and the Crusades Paul Ullson Review
2015 January Westhampnett Airfield Mark Hillyer Review
2014 December The Great War Martin Hayes Review
2014 November Shoreham Fort – Past, Present and Future Gary Baines Review
2014 October Yapton Heritage Trail No 1 David Ruffle Review
2014 September The Weald and Downland Museum – Buildings Originating in Sussex Richard Angus Review
2014 August Visit to Brighton Pavillion   Review
2014 July The Royal Navy and Yapton’s Stokers 1914-18 Jim Payne Review
2014 June Arundel and its Castle Carol Ball Review
2014 May St Andrews By The Ford Church Joanna Williams Review
2014 April Lancing College and its Local History Janet Pennington Review
2014 March Towards the History of the Clergy of St Mary’s and St Andrew's Andrew Foster Review
2014 February Holidays in Bognor in the 1950s Sylvia Endacott Review
2014 January A Tale of Two Cities Alan Green Review
2013 December A Victorian Christmas Lizzie and Tony Gilks Review
2013 November 'Oh we do like to be beside the Seaside' Ian Gledhill Review
2013 October Life Below Stairs Anne Charlesworth Review
2013 September Life on the Lower Gun Deck of Nelson’s Ships Rupert Head Review
2013 August Visit to Lewes Castle   Review
2013 June Charles II and the Civil War in Sussex Helen Poole Review
2013 May Visit to Tangmere Museum   Review
2013 April History of the Royal Sussex Regiment Alan Readman Review
2013 March The History of Uppark Julia Barker Review
2013 February Plans for Future Projects on the recent history of Yapton and Ford Andrew Foster Review
2013 January History of the West Sussex Railways Bill Gage Review
2012 December Smugglers, Pirates and Highwaymen Paul Ullson Review
2012 November Yapton’s Surrounding Villages (cont.) David Ruffle Review
2012 October William Blake’s Felpham Jane Barnes Review
2012 September Chichester Canal – Ford to Hunston Adge Roberts Review
2012 August Bognor Town Walk Sylvia Endacott Review
2012 July Magnus Volk and his Railways Ian Gledhill Review
2012 May Georgian Chichester Alan Green Review
2012 April Petworth House and Estate Brenda Gaye Review
2012 March Devil’s Dyke - Pleasure Ground to Bombing Ground Martin Snow Review
2012 February The History of Bognor Regis Sylvia Endacott Review
2012 January Coasting Along West Sussex Geoffrey Mead Review
2011 December Forty Years of Flying at Ford Allen Misselbrook Review
2011 November Shelley and his Sussex Houses Adge Roberts  
2011 October Horsham to Littlehampton in 100 years Tony Pratt  
2011 September Yapton’s Surrounding Villages David Ruffle  
2011 August High Salvington Windmill   Review
2011 July Researching Parish Church Histories Andrew Foster Review
2011 June Christ’s Hospital Clifford Jones Review
2011 May Chichester and the Civil War Paul Ullson Review
2011 April The Mary Rose Project John Morgan Review
2011 March The Glitter of Glass - Worthing's Glasshouses Jan Gribben Review
2011 February The History of Littlehampton as a Trading Port Juliet Nye Review
2011 January Life Below Stairs (1880-1914) Lizzie and Tony Gilkes Review
2010 December Sussex Windmills Rob Bonnet Review
2010 November The History of Georgian Chichester Alan Green Review
2010 October Life in Jersey during the Occupation Pauline Habgood Review
2010 September The Antique Man!! Brian Height Review
2010 August Visit to Chichester Cathedral : Behind the Scenes Tour    
2010 July Chichester Canal: Past, Present & Future Linda Wilkinson  
2010 June The History of Parham House Sue Peyman-Stroud Review
2010 May Visit to Slindon Estate Mark Wardle Review
2010 April Whither Local History! Andrew Foster Review
2010 March West Dean House and Estate Sharon Michi-Kusonoke Review
2010 February West Sussex on Screen : 2 Alan Readman Review
2010 January Tudor Christmas in the Great and Lowly Houses of Sussex Paul Ullson Review
2009 December Sussex Agricultural History Geoffrey Mead  
2009 November The Halnaker House Project Andrew Foster  
2009 October Amberley Museum Brin Thomas  
2009 September Bygone Yapton: Shops, Trades and Pubs David Ruffle  
2009 August Arundel : Guided Walk Rosemary Hagedorn  
2009 June Life in Georgian Sussex Alan Green  
2009 May Visit to St Mary's Church, Yapton : Insights into aspects of its history Joanna Williams and Don Long  
2009 April Chichester Cathedral: Art, Architecture and History Jeremy Mudford  
2009 March Arundel’s Hidden History Rosemary Hagedorn  
2008 September Yapton and Ford Dave Ruffle  
2008 July Sawbones, Quacks and Inventive Surgery Tony & Lizzie Gilks  
2008 June Sir Richard Hotham and Hotham Park Sylvia Endacott  
2008 March Middle Ages & The Wars of the Roses Paul Ullson  
2008 February Life in the 20s and 30s Steve Harris  
2008 January Quiz : Local anf General Knowledge Allen Misselbrook  
2007 November Ice Houses Ron Martin  
2007 October Strong in the Arm – Thick in the Head
Sussex folklore & figments of the Sussex Yeoman’s imagination
Steve Harris  
2007 September "Antiques Roadshow" Brian Height  
2007 July Railways : From Wagons to Eurostar Roger Clark  
2007 June Charles II's Flight Through Sussex Helen Poole  
2007 April The Romans in Sussex Paul Ullson  
2007 March Fishbourne Roman Palace Diane Sherlock  
2007 February Memories of Barnham during WWII Brian O’Gorman  
2007 January The history of bee-keeping and the uses of honey and bees-wax Jacqui Hobbs  
2005 December Weald & Downland Museum at Singleton Richard Harris  
2005 November Bognor’s War Time Airfield Sylvia Endacott  
2005 October Bognor and It’s Past Eve May  
2005 July The Stuarts in Sussex (incl. the Civil War) Paul Ullson  
2005 June Festival of Local History    
2005 May Chichester Ghost Walk Paul Ullson