Know Your Village?

How well do you know your village?


1. There was a slaughterhouse in North End Road, where was it (within the current village layout)?

2. Where is the Victorian post box (that is still in use)?

3. Where was the village 'lock up' used primarily for drunks?

4. Who, when based at Ford, developed a system for refuelling aircraft whilst in flight?

5. Where does the canal run from and to where, and what was its original purpose?

6. Apart from the Church, which is the oldest building in the village still standing?

7. How many residents (or former residents) have won medals in the Olympic Games, who were they and what were their disciplines?




1. In North End Road behind the house with the single storey thatched extension (which used to be a shop) on what is now The Croft.

2. Outside Bilsham Stores in Bilsham Road.

3. By Fontwell Flooring shop, it’s 2 ft square and is still there.

4. Alan Cobham.

5. From the River Arun at Ford to Chichester Harbour. lt was intended as a way for the Navy to get from London to Portsmouth without going to sea during the Napoleonic Wars. The route was via the Thames - River Wey - Wey & Arun Canal - River Arun - Chichester Harbour -Thorney Island.

6. Possibly Wayside in Burndell Road.

7. Duncan Goodhew (Gold) for swimming and William "Bill" White (Bronze) for shooting.


Peter Jones
September 2010

(Originally published in Yapton News, September 2010)