Sussex Agricultural Express

Extracts from Sussex Agricultural Express.

09.12.1837 At Arundel Bench of magistrates, Rev. Robert Hardy obtained summons against Edward Gallon of the Shoulder of Mutton and against William Sturt, beer shop keeper, for harbouring persons during the Divine Service.

16.12.1837 William Sturt of Yapton appeared to a summons at the suit of Rev. Robert Hardy for keeping his Beer House open during the Divine Service. He pleaded guilty and was fined in the sum of 40s (£2). Edward Gallon, keeper of the Shoulder of Mutton, Yapton, charged with a similar offence was fined in the same sum.

16.12.1837 George Austen of Yapton was convicted of stealing a half-bushel of turnips, the property of John Boniface of Ford, and committed to the House of Correction at Petworth to hard labour for one calendar month.

08.05.1847 Arundel Petty Sessions. Robert Upperton, Hy Jaycocks and William Varrion were charged with taking turnip greens from the field belonging to Mr. C. Billingshurst of Yapton. The parties were fined 24s 8d (£1.23) each which included costs, or one months imprisonment at Petworth House of Correction.

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