Arundel Constabulary Occurrence Book

An Extract from the Arundel Constabulary Occurrence Book – 13th. September 1895.

PC 96 German reported that while on duty in Yapton St. he saw a horse attached to a cab draw up to the Shoulder of Mutton public House. Seeing the horse was very lame he took it out of the cab and examined it. Found it very hot and feverish in the legs and feet he removed the saddle and found a large wound size of a five shilling piece, matter running from it and painful to the touch. Called a man named Allan Payne of Yapton to examine the horse. Payne gave his opinion that the horse was not fit to work. Constable therefore declined to let the horse go any further. The driver George Greenfield of 15, Scott Street, Bognor put the horse up at the Shoulder of Mutton stables.

Owners of horse Messrs E J & E Homer 2, Steyne Street Bognor.

Case reported to the officer of the RSPCA Sept. 13 1895 by first morning post.

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