Yapton Registers

A minute in the Parochial Church Council meeting of Friday 28th September 1945 notes that a description of the Yapton Registers is recorded in the back of the Minute Book. Here's a transcription of that page:

Yapton Registers
The earliest entry in the first Register Book is a marriage of 6th October 1538. At first the pages are divided into three columns, headed "Baptizims", "Mariages", "Burialls". The entries were not actually copied into this book until 1598. The first book covers the years 1538-1655. The second book covers the years 1653-1711, and in this book the Births of children are given until 1661, after which date it is the Baptisms as in the first book. The third book is confused. The first pages contain only Baptisms until 1744. Several pages further on are Marriages from 1721 to 1741, and again several pages further on are Burials from 1719 to 1744, the intervening pages being filled up by later entries. The Marriages from 1754 to 1812 are in another book containing printed forms and entitled "A Marriage Register Book". From 1813 all the Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are kept in separate books containing printed forms. All the Registers up to 1837, when Civil Registration came into force, have been transcribed and an Index has been compiled.
Churchwardens' Accounts. The first account book covers the years from 1742  to 1807.

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