Marley and White's wife

What’s in the name?

Reputed to have one of the longest names in the country, the Shoulder of Mutton and Cucumbers Public House also shares in one of the most extraordinary stories to come out of Sussex.

According to a plaque in the saloon bar, it seems that ....

"At the turn of the century a thatcher named Marley lived in a cottage close by with his wife and four children, while in the Shoulder of Mutton and Cucumbers lodged a man called White the local rat-catcher.

Now White favoured Marley’s wile and all the village was wondering what the outcome of this situation would be. They were soon to be enlightened!

A meeting was arranged at the bar of the inn and eventually the thatcher faced the rat-catcher. It was decided to resolve the affair with a sale, if the rat-catcher was really interested then he should pay. Then and there a deal was made binding and forever. The rat-catcher took the thatcher’s wife, children and furniture, while the thatcher became richer by 7s. 6d and a quart of beer!"

David Tansley
March 2005

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