Yapton Parochial Church Council : Minutes of Meetings : 1924 - 1937

Extracted snippets from the Minutes. These are transcribed verbatim from the original minute book.


Tuesday Feb 2nd 1932
"The Vicar expressed his views on the question of the Village Hall project then under consideration. He said that he was not against a Village Hall, but he wanted a Church Hall to carry on church work, which the Village Hall would not enable him to do."

Thursday April 7th 1932
"The Vicar reported that a Church Army Van was visiting the parish during the Week of Prayer, and asked that hospitality be extended to the workers, and also the loan of a horse to bring the van from Poling."

"The offer of Dr A.B. Collins to put a lamp over the church gate was accepted with thanks."

Wednesday June 28th 1933
"A request from the relatives of the late Mr Alan Boniface (Churchwarden circa 1904-7) for a memorial brass to be placed in the church. The brass had already been prepared and sent from New Zealand. It was resolved that the plate be placed on the South wall at a spot to be selected by the Vicar and Mr W Loveys."

"A discussion took place as to the condition of the organ, the need for funds for its overhaul, and its position."