Lewes Castle

Saturday August 3rd 2013,  12.45 pm,  Visit to Lewes Castle

The coach will leave the Village Hall at 12.45pm and arrive at the castle by 2.00pm.
The 1hr talk is on arrival and then there is free time to go round the castle, gardens, museum etc. There is also a tea shop on site. There are many steps to go round the castle itself.
The coach leaves Lewes at 5pm and returns to the village hall at approx 6pm.
Members:- under 60 - £15.60, over 60 - £15.00.

Non-members:- under 60 - £17.60, over 60 - £17.00.

This includes Coach fare (£11.50), entrance fee and a 1hr talk.

Members with limited mobility who can only access the talk, gardens and museim, £13.50,  members’ children £7.50.




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